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The curriculum at BPS Public School is designed to empower students so that they develop into inquisitive and active learners. The students become lifelong learners and are always ready to learn and absorb new things, concepts and explore their environment.

Some of the activities, apart from classroom instructions and games, include encouraging students to take up hobbies, participate in social activities, improve public speaking and social skills through participation in competitive co-curricular events. The child’s ability to understand and behave responsibly would improve year after year and eventually would help him evolve as a mature, compassionate and holistic human being.

At primary and secondary level students are assessed in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Class tests, assignments, project work, quizzing sessions etc along with end of term examination form part of scholastic evaluation. In addition areas like life skills, attitude and values, aesthetic skills, physical education etc are also assessed and graded. Sanskrit is offered as a third language for classes sixth to eighth.

At senior secondary level the school offers-science , English as a subject is compulsory in all streams. Besides English, the students can choose a combination of subjects in each stream from the subjects offered by the school and recommended by Central Board of Secondary Education.